It’s 5:29pm and I like to leave for bowling at 5:55pm to meet Jordan for a pre-bowl drink. This gives me about 21 minutes to write a post. Since I’m sitting in my underwear after jumping out of the shower and putting a load of laundry in, I’m budgeting 5 minutes to put on some shorts and t-shirt, brush my teeth, and shave. Normally I wouldn’t shave, but since I’m heading to Tampa tomorrow for a trade show, I’d rather do it now instead of tomorrow morning at 6am. This is in case I horribly cut myself and look like an idiot. Raw occurrence certainly, but you never know. Anyway, I’m currently booking my exhibition tickets which is drastically reducing the time for content. It’s only 5:33 so I’ve written a decent amount in 4 minutes.

Turns out I already registered and didn’t remember doing it saving me a few minutes. I didn’t have to book this trip but we are part of the industry and flying in Wednesday and out Thursday is just worth it to me considering it’s only $300 and that included the hotel. It’s Frontier though so they will try to charge me for a backpack which is a bit absurd. It’s on their boarding pass so I’m not sure how realistic that is. The reason why this cramps my time is that Jordan’s wedding is Saturday and I have to grab my suit from the mall on Thursday because I’m playing golf Friday. So I land, grab my car from work, drive to the mall, then make sure the suit fits so I don’t split it before Saturday. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but I split my last pants right in the crotch in New Orleans so perhaps I’m getting fatter without realizing it. It’s a sweet suit though.

This gives a fun weekend up ahead and then I’m heading to Vermont the week after to see some customers and some data gathering. This is all before another trip to Boston the week after that. Even though I’m feeling a bit crunched for time, thus down to 12 minutes, I still prioritize the blog which was recently hacked with Cialis advertisements. I never saw them but I had a few people alert me. I deleted Gourlay’s usernames and I’m pretty sure that will solve the problem. I’ve also been losing so much money gambling that I could write an entire post on that but it’ll have to wait. If you were wondering how much one person can type with reckless abandonment and zero proof reading, this was about it. I’d like to get one more post in before Friday, but if not, you may not hear from me again for some time.