A situation occurred in a fantasy league that left me a bit flabbergasted. I’ll present the data as a case and you can be the judge.

Case Study – Lineup Alteration After 1pm

Evidence Submission #1

Let’s start by not jumping to conclusions and analyze what’s happening.

  • The first text is the commissioner unable to make this decision and wanting a second opinion.
  • The 2nd text is quite unclear, at 2:23 pm mind you, about what happened. Cook was ruled out at 11:31 am by RotoWorld (late scratch) and Gaskin already has over 10 pts at this point. The dubious “looks like it didn’t update” will be the main defense.
  • The third text – Lots of people do things they’ve never done before. The word never here is lol.
  • Gaskin the play? Interesting how this guy is this good fantasy after his player is doing so well. Here are PFF’s rankings of Elijah Mitchell at 24 and Gaskin at 41. How he clearly knows to play the 41 guy with 13 1st half points is impressive.

Evidence Submission #2

At 2:29pm, I wrote back to the commissioner to tell him to poll the entire league. I thought this would be a landslide and make a joke of the entire situation. Egg on my head. Here is how the commissioner phrased it to the league and how they voted.

Not the outcome I expected. Phrased in this manner though, it doesn’t sound like there is much maleficence. This poll was conducted about 3pm and my response to this poll, the lone no, was I want to see a time stamped text showing that the change was made. Let’s keep digging.

Evidence Submission #3

This is my text to the commissioner after the poll had concluded. Notice no time stamp on what he showed me.

Evidence Submission #4

I like the commissioner of this league a lot as a person. Really nice guy with a big heart and I’m not even trying to hide his identity because fantasy is not that important. However, if you want me to believe your phone is off until 2:16pm on Sunday, while the games are going on, you must think I’m permanently out to lunch. This is, in my opinion, the straw that broke the camel’s back of how this situation gets handled.

Evidence Submission #5

Let’s start with the lulz.

  • Text 1 shows him owning up to not producing the text….
  • Text 2 lets me know that he’s definitely not cheating…
  • Text 3 is giving opinions on why this doesn’t ever happen
  • Text 5 is the cart rolling off the wagon. The commissioner obviously said if you can’t produce a time stamp, then what are we doing here?

Evidence Submission #6

Here’s the epilogue of the proposed compromise. This is my first time replying to both the commissioner and the player at the same time. I was surprised the league voted 7-0 for the poll which I put on myself. In hindsight, whereas I thought a democracy gets to the bottom squarely, I clearly overestimated a few factors.


The commission eventually sided with me and ruled against the league which I’m thankful for. Myles Gaskins went for 26.9 points and his team would have won by 1 point. This matter was blown out of proportion because the commissioner didn’t act correctly early on. If our player could have produced a text that said to switch out the players before 1pm, it’s another story. Trusting people that their app glitched is not an option. This is 101 of rules. You don’t bend them because you want to “be fair”. Being fair is playing by the rules. We play for money in this league and it’s the same reason I play by the rules in golf. You start breaking rules and you have a circus.

With all the avid blog readers, you hear my side of the story and I’m not always right. I’m curious if anyone would buy that the app glitched and Gaskin was put in for Cook before 1pm? What do you think?