I don’t offer much with this blog other than honesty. This post will share some financial positions that I invested in and give some perspective on how I look at it. I’m not a financial guru by any means and look at this as more gambling than investing. I also am a believer in dollar cost averaging so if I’m down on a stock, there’s a good chance I keep buying it until I drown.

DKNG – 150 Shares – Cost Basis – $43.16, Market Value $44.27

I’ve bought and sold DKNG a few times booking short term profits and recently purchased 50 more shares at $44.72. I like the low 40’s as an entry point and would look to exit position in the high 50’s. Do I think it could go to $100? I do which is why I’ll always hold on to some shares, but I would look to profit because this marketplace is extremely competitive and there is no reason to think Draftkings has a huge leg up on any other players aside from their DFS (which is losing flavor to straight bets). A $17 billion market cap with 838M in revenue isn’t the craziest valuation on this list. I also think the platform/business model is fantastic considering I use it myself and it takes my money.

UWMC – 700 Shares – Cost Basis – $8.79, Market Value $8.42

I own a few Aug $10 calls on this as well. This is a $13 billion dollar market cap which did 5.7 billion in revenue. This is a mortgage company so I’m not going to be able to explain how they book revenue vs how much profit margin they make. They have $6 billion in debt and only 1.6 in cash which is not ideal but, once again, I don’t know how they book anything. This is a WSB darling and the mortgage business is hot right now and expectations look reasonable. I’d like to see the stock get above $10 and then I’d look to sell some of the position and keep some for upside. Google Reddit and WSB if you want to read more about this stock until your eyes bleed.

ELY – 150 Shares – Cost Basis – $28.93, Market Value $35.11

You’ll see that I like to invest in companies that I use. Callaway Golf makes great clubs and runs a successful venue in TopGolf. TopGolf specifically spans so many platforms and charges a rate, albeit high, people pay. Golf is more popular than ever and even though more activities are opening, a certain % will still keep playing. A $6 billion dollar company with $1.8 billion in revenue seems nice until you see they’re $2.65 billion in debt. Like all stocks, this is hardly a shoe in, but I like the outlook.

PHIL – 600,000 Shares – Cost Basis – .00435, Market Value $.0027

Phil’s website is worse than Stortz Tools and I keep adding 100,000 shares as it dips so they can use it with hopes of an upgrade. The Phi Group has a religious, Harvard grad at its helm in Henry Fahman. They have ties to Vietnam real estate, use a Luxembourg bank to finance projects, and have some shady dealing with a diamond mine in Asia. What doesn’t this company do. Thanks Gourlay!

I’ve never seen a company more underprepared and tight to the vest then the PHI Group. Reports still need to be filed. They have so many projects that they are waiting to tell you about it’ll make your head spin. What’s not to like about a $62 million dollar company that did -$1.14 million in revenue last year? In Henry we trust.

SLGG – 500 Shares – Cost Basis – $5.96, Market Value $4.33

Super League Gaming is a gamble. This goes along with ESports (GMBL which I’m also down 50% on) which is a play on the future of tournament/league e-gaming. Gaming is going nowhere. After my short stint with COD and watching streamers on Twitch, this will only get more popular. It is a tremendous industry and it’s hard to say if these two plays are where it’s at. They do a paltry $2 million in revenue a year and are valued at $109 million and $180 million respectively. It’s quite hard to say that these stocks aren’t incredibly over-valued and these plays are purely speculative.

BTC – I turned $6,000 of real USD into $5,000 digital dollars in a week. Talk about investing. I even purchased .02 BTC more today. I’m not a HODL believer. If I see this pop into a territory that looks good, I’m going to sell. Pigs get slaughtered and I’d caution anyone who reads this that taking profits isn’t always for suckers. Investing is fickle and there is always another opportunity. I’m not a firm digital currency believer, but I don’t want to miss out in case I’m wrong. Which means I should probably be emptying my savings in it.