Do people die by accident? If you get drugged vs take drugs, and then are taking back to a hotel room, raped, and murdered, is it an accident if you are forced drugs and your fault if you took the drugs? This happened to this Christine Englehardt, a local Philly girl in Miami over Spring Break this past weekend. If she took the drugs on her own accord, would that slant the story differently? To people who have never taken drugs it wouldn’t make a difference. To people who know what it’s like to OD on coke, they might think it was her ownfault. I don’t know the details of the story so for the love of god don’t be a baby, this is purely conjecture.

Or what if you’re the police officer who combatted the Syrian man (he lived in the USA for most of his live) who shot 10 people dead in Boulder, Colorado? Is his death an accident? He was doing his job trying to prevent the attack so it’s tough to say it’s an accident. What about the other 9 people who were gunned down? They died by accident because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. An accident is more like a drunk driver running a red light who drives directly into a bystander who was at no fault of their own.

How about the 6 Asian women who worked rub and tugs that were cruelly shot and killed by 21 year old Robert Long? Is it worth pointing out that prostitution is “illegal” and a dangerous profession for this exact reason that maniacs can become obsessive and do extreme acts of violence due to jealously or whichever absurd argument the defense will use? It seems you could argue that these deaths are not an accident because these woman potentially knew the risks when the signed up for the profession.

The New America

An accident should be ruled as death by no fault of your own. This post will ask the question, what if no one dies by accident? The tragedies I described above are recent stories that are the minute percentage of actual deaths. I outlined these to show how fragile life is and how a sudden incident can end your life. These are outliers. Most death occurs gradually. Usually you get sick, then you either recover or you continue to get sicker. After some amount of fighting, you either live or die. This can take all sorts of periods of time but eventually you will succumb to death.

The biggest life taker is not taking care of your body. Over eating. Lack of exercise. Drugs & alcohol. My wild guess on how many people die by lack of attention to these abuse areas is 99%. To agree with me would be to say that only 1% of the population die by accident. You’d say, “but 500k people died from Covid 19” and I’d say that they wouldn’t have died if they didn’t neglect the above issues. How often do you get sick and then you die? In Dustin Diamond’s case it sounded like a few months. Some cancer types will wipe you out quick. Now the big question is did your habits cause that cancer or did the cancer enter your body by some random force and kill you? You could probably guess my answer.

It appears that everyone is so scared of death, yet if death comes quicker because you don’t take care of your body, most people can’t be that scared. I know people who don’t drink alcohol and I’d bet their odds are -150 to outlive someone like myself. It’s not only the health aspect, but the stupidity of the situations you put yourself in when you put substance into your body that it doesn’t like. There is no doubt that people die by accident, yet it’s so far and few between, and we as people are sympathetic towards death. Would you think differently about it if people took responsibility for their death instead of thinking it’s “GOD”.

I completely get that people don’t like to think this way. People prefer roses and ignorance to reality. This is why the New America is going to suffer moving forward. You can take this post as I’m not sympathetic to death, and I’m ok with that. I’m the harbinger of surviving and succeeding in this new age.