I played golf at Split Rock Country Club yesterday at 3:30 pm. I was told that I would have to walk and to play the 9 hole South Course because there were no carts. I paid $27 dollars for greens fees and 3 Budweiser pounders and proceeded to the 18 hole North Course. Not a single person was on it. It was heaven.

The course is a bear. I played from the blues and it’s nearly 6,754 yards. I shot about 110 the last time I made this effort and was determined to play better. The course is on a mountain so when I tell you that no one walks this course, it’s possible I’m the only person all year to do so. I started off jarring a 15ft par putt on 1, hit a par 3 green in reg on 3, and had a birdie putts on 5, 6, and 7 (only 1 par lol). I finished the front 9 with a 47 and played excellent golf and that included some mis-hit drives on holes 4 and 9.

I walked 15 minutes to hole 10 and there were 4 deer eyeing me up. I put a par on the card for 10 and knew that the next few holes are extremely challenging. I put down a few double bogeys and was huffing and puffing as I got to my ball. Remember that it gets dark at 6pm so there were times that I was basically running to my next shot. I finished the back 9 with a 49 and felt great about my round. I had a few errant shots, probably 8 or 9 OB strokes total, but recovered nicely and my short game was decent. Putting was average.

This is coming off a 702 bowling series on Thursday night where I got a bit carried away drinking. To think I can roll a 259, 249, and 194 while leaving the 29th and 30th frame open is a bit crazy. I write all this because these feats are a bit abnormal. No one can play that course in 2 hours and 30 minutes, walking, while still playing it the way I normally score. The 700 series isn’t my first ever but it’s nice to have under your belt. Blog worthy at least.

With my 38th year on this Earth forthcoming, I’m feeling strong about my status in the world. There are still plenty of areas in my life that I can improve on, but I’m comfortable with my values and think they will continue to propel me to success. Sure you can look at this post as a humble/brag, but I don’t have that much going on to blog about so this will have to do.