The pandemic separated the fearful from the fearless. If you were fearless during the last two years, I’d guess you are better off than ever before. If you bunkered down and listened to authority, I’d presume you didn’t achieve much. For me, today is a start of a brand new world after dominating the pandemic.

I hurt my calf on 12/16/21. The last time I hurt it was on 7/6/21 and it took me 3 week to recover. This time it took 6. Starting today, I was able to complete a 4 mile run with zero pain. What’s funny was I watched Jeff do calf raises at work and thought it was psychotic. Then the bouncer at North Bowl told me that I should do calf raises and the calf healed itself in 1 week. It’s grand to be back! Little side note, for me, if I can burn 200 calories every 10 minutes on the treadmill, that’s the benchmark. Test yourself.

What’s funny is how not being healthy can alter a mood. With a bum leg, I wasn’t able to achieve the highest results I hold myself to. I couldn’t walk on the golf course properly. Couldn’t bowl my best. Couldn’t run at all. This takes a toll on your mental health. Now that I’m temporarily fixed, I feel like I can take on the world again.

What that means is I’ll have NFL picks for tomorrow. I can already tell you that the Chiefs Bengals game is the game of the year for me. I don’t think Burrow will win (or cover) but it should be an entertaining game. The other game has very little interest to me. I’ve been playing NBA DFS which I will say is more fun than football. Not winning much, but still fun. Also throw a few bucks on Jason Day today. I have.