Last night I rolled a 722 bowling series and closed out the 3rd game with a 279. In fact, the entire series should have been much higher, but a split in the 10th of the 1st game after coming off a double was killer. I rolled 17 of 19 strikes to close out series which has to be close to a personal record strike % for me. What was unusual was these weren’t all great shots, but the pins kept crumbling down (0 Jerseys to be fair). I also shot 4 ten pins on the night hitting 3 to give you an idea of how dialed in I was. To non bowlers, leaving a ten pin almost undoubtedly comes from a weak pocket shot. So, good ball, bad result, and what is easily the most frustrating part of bowling, specifically missing the 10 pin after a “good ball”. The elusive 300 still hangs over my head. What’s odd is a 180 bowler threw one 2 weeks ago and I’m flabbergasted I STILL don’t have one.

This is the second time I took an Advil before rolling a 700 series. I think the time before may have been an accidental PM, but I may have dreamed the result. Am I promoting drug use before competition?!?! I can’t say, but in a sample size of 2, for an event that happens every 20-50 times of league bowling nights, it hit. Could it possibly slow down the timing of the throw for better consistency? Perhaps.

On this bowling team I have a teammate who said, “if you ever need me to be a wingman, I’ll happily do it, I don’t have any friends.” I thought this was one of the most honest, real comments someone has said to me as admitting you have no friends is not easy. It hit in 2 ways, one that I feel bad he doesn’t have many friends and two that he’d want to be my friend. I want to add that this guy is married with a kid so he’s not a lonesome loser like me. Either way, it was quite a comment.