As a small business owner that has 289 reviews and 4.9 rating, I know what I’m talking about on how to run a business.

I know even more about bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches than I do about roofing tools. This establishment in Northern Liberties / Fishtown is a unique review from me considering it has a 3.7 rating and I think it’s incredible.

How Good is the Sandwich?

It’s ok to call a baco, egg, and cheese (it’s for a cop) a sandwich even though it’s a breakfast meal. This is what their BE&C looks like.

The standard for any breakfast sandwich is a Wawa Sizzli or a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin. I prefer McDonald’s to the Sizzli and it’s a solid 5 out of 10. The next step up for me is from an Asian run deli and it’s slightly higher quality than the aforementioned because the ingredients are better and it’s not microwaved. This sandwich above is 2 steps above that. Why?

Bagel – Soft and toasted. Excellent. There are times when bagels are old and stale and it can ruin the sandwich.

Bacon – Crisp. Soggy and soft bacon is a ruiner.

Cheese – I’m not sure what the cheese was on this, but it’s fresh and good.

Egg – Non microwaved and delcious.

Every bit of the sandwich was perfected. Now, the meal with a large coffee cost $12 bucks and they were asking for tip which is a bit steep. Since I went at 7am, there was no line, but I get the feeling this is why the reviews suck, not because of the food. I can see how the staff may get overwhelmed because my first experience was odd with a cashier who has no clue what they were doing.

All in all, I’d say it’s worth the money.