I’ve caught a few of the Government proceedings with big tech and they are humorous. Guys like Ted Cruz will drill Jack Dorsey and tell him that he isn’t in charge of the information that the public is displayed. It’s an ever evolving process of Government losing control of technology.

These proceedings are a joke because big tech acquiesces on whatever it needs to make sure they can continue operating. The Government forces big tech to work with them. They’ll either tax or fine them so they can’t be profitable. Take your pick. You either work with us or you don’t work at all even though the Gov’t has no idea what they’re doing.

Take a look at the top results from Google about any virus.

The Power of Search

Google controls the information. I use Chrome and search through Google. They show me what I want to see based on the algorithm they control. If they want the top results to be for the CDC because they are being told that the top results must be the CDC… I’ll be shown the CDC. This is particularly alarming when you consider that there is one central source for information and it’s being controlled directly in front of your face. I’m not talking about dog men here. This is happening and it’s in plain sight.

What does it matter if all people are pointed to an absolute source? Let’s take a hypothetical, Google points all people to an anti Covid 19 destination. How will this affect humanity? Simply put, more people will believe what they read. Google controls how humanity acts and in present day situation Google is pointing you to the Government. Don’t worry though, the Government knows what’s best for their people.

I honestly feel that I’m the only person who thinks like this. Everyone is so wrapped up in their day to day that they don’t see what’s happening. Call me a conspiracy theorist but the people in power don’t care about you and me. They aren’t trying to unite us. They are trying to control us. If they want you to get a vaccine, you’ll get the vaccine. If you want to go against the Government, they’ll shut you down.

I don’t have a solution. I frankly don’t know what would be better. I only know that control lies far outside the lives of daily citizens and when you consider what happened with Nazi Germany, don’t be surprised if atrocities occur when the Government controls the information that the people see and hear.

What’s scary though is that you’re defenseless. If the Gov’t doesn’t like this post, they can shut down my bank account. They can revoke my passport. Why would anyone speak out against them? Which brings me back to what the solution is? I think that if more people understand what’s happening, you can create a better system before tech wipes us out. In due time your brain is going to be a computer where you are going to download information. This is not far fetched. It is the future.