This is one of those great titles that makes sense in the moment because this post is boring and it’s a fantastic contrast against Tom’s ‘Roaring Back‘, but it will not make sense in 5 years when I am rereading my old blog posts in isolation.

Nearly three weeks without a post? I usually don’t do the general update ones, but for the sake of some new content, I will put my ego aside and mimic Tom’s update.

The Apartment Situation

We had some great advice on the apartment situation. We countered their offer with ‘give us a one month credit and we’ll move out in November / December’. It’s been over a week and they haven’t answered. I assume they’re working up some counter to our counter which we will then re-counter.

The Birthday Party

A week ago Meghan and I hosted our first event, a joint birthday party at our apartment. Aside from locking ourselves out for 20 minutes exactly when the first guests arrived, everything went pretty smoothly.

A lot of prep goes into these which most guests probably don’t fully appreciate. I say this because whenever I go to someone elses party, I just kind of say ‘this is nice‘ without thinking much of it. But when YOU’RE the one cleaning, setting everything up, getting the drinks, food, ice, etc. it’s eye opening.

That said, it was a great time and we’re considering doing it annually!

The Guest List

This is what the people have been waiting for.

Meghan and I were free to add any friends or family we thought may come. I don’t even know how it happened, but Not Dave was Not Invited and I’m ashamed. I considered a public apology post but didn’t want to make a fuss about it and frankly I don’t have a good explanation. Not Dave, I’m Not Not Sorry.


I rehired my coach and am ramping up as we speak for a final showdown with the Rothman 8k. I will review this in more detail in a future post, but the running career might just be getting started.

Thank you all for reading.