When I got back from Florida last Sunday, I went to my car and noticed the sunglass compartment was down. That was odd considering I don’t wear sunglasses and have never flipped it down, ever. I didn’t think much of it other than, “how could that have happened?” with no forceful entry because nothing else was taken. Fast forward this morning and my car was robbed with no forceful entry. They stole $2 in quarters and my Bose wireless speaker. Fortunately they left my golf clubs and bowling ball as they are the only valuable items I leave in my car. Am I leaving my car unlocked? Doesn’t a 2020 Acura TLX automatically lock once the key fob is away at a certain distance? How are they getting into the car without the alarm going off? Do they have my key?

Let me take this one step further and announce a second robbery in Old City where a thief stole a very valuable package off our front stoop that was left by USPS over the weekend. Here is the thief.

The State of Affairs

I keep telling people the city turned into a shit hole and I’m hoping that these events help people understand what to expect by a lawless governed city. As long as there are no punishments, people will do whatever they can get away with. It’s easier to steal nowadays than work hard. The uneasy feeling that comes along with this is indescribable. I certainly can’t leave any valuables in my car and it feels like it’s only a moments notice away from being stolen. Fortunately the thief wasn’t vindictive and cause any damage. Seems like a nice criminal. I hate saying that this is what the people vote for but the people who pay for stupidity are the people who have something to lose. Then this feeling of why am I even trying hard when the people who decide to game society ruin it for everyone. It’s sad. Bottom line, be careful out there. It can happen to you.