When I drive by 5th and Market there is a sign guy knockoff. I’m not sure if it’s been a week, two, or months that I’ve seen him. He blends in my memory. Each time I see him it triggers a new thought about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it so it’s working. Just not in the way he wants it to.

At the traffic light I read his sign and it looked like this.

This civilian looks at this mission about prisons as his civil duty. The first time I saw him I thought he was homeless. The 2nd time, I thought he was crazy. Now after giving this further thought, I’ve come to the conclusion he’s an idiot.

First I’ll start with his message of “Abolish Prisons, Save People”. I disagree with this sentiment because there should be punishment for misdoings. In a past post I wrote that the rules are made up and the points don’t matter. Essentially illegal and legal are created by people and are imaginary. However, I agree, mostly, with what the rules are because without them you’d have chaos. So, prisons are necessary. Are the people inside the prisons being mistreated as this sign may be telling? It’s quite possible. I have no exposure to the penal system. It’s not my fight though.

I’ve written about the man’s persistence of standing on the corner and me noticing so it must be working. What I failed to mention is his message is on a piece of cardboard. It’s about as little effort as possible when creating a message. And for this reason, I’m out.

If he had a fresh looking board, with some snazzy letters, and a pop out heart, I’d give him more credit. It’s not a cost element as these materials should only be a few dollars. His inability to make a proper presentation for the message, makes me look down on the actual message. Essentially, if he can’t do the first part right, why would I think he can do the main part right? So I’ll look at the subjective nature of you can’t judge a book by its cover which I agree with.

I had some photos taken last week of a few tools we sell. The photographer told me that his job is difficult because even though he’s a professional photographer and knows all the techniques to take quality pictures, if the client doesn’t like them, it’s his fault. The client’s viewpoint is subjective and his paycheck depends on that satisfaction. So when I’m subjectively deciding whether I like this person’s message, I’m judging him on the factors I see without gathering the full intel which would be having a conversation.

To me he looks homeless, his cardboard is shoddy, and I don’t understand / agree with his message initially. Now if I asked him what is purpose is, he may tell me that it was to get mentioned on SplittingTens.com and his mission would be satisfied. More realistically, he agrees with prisons being inhuman and he’s a defund the police candidate. Neither of which I think are good ideas and a discussion would have to commence to move in any direction which based on the aforementioned points, I don’t see any reason to have.