Covid 19. The disease that has killed .14% of the US population. The disease where 8% of the US tests taken are positive. The disease where the US death rate is 1.72% if you are infected. The disease where 81% of US deaths are from the age group over 65 and 32% are over 85. Good news though. The CDC knows we are going to be cured!

Covid 19 #’s

If you’re not sure what to make of these #’s, no worries, you’re in America!

  • 4th out of the top 100 countries in total cases per population at 8%
  • Leader in total tests conducted with 325 million, India is 2nd with 201 million
  • Leader in total cases with 27 million, 10 million more than 2nd place India
  • Leader in total deaths with 476,303! Brazil is second with 232,170
  • 7th in deaths per population at .14%. I wouldn’t want to be in Belgium (.18%) right now.
  • 8th in tests per population at 97%. Luxembourg has somehow managed to test every member of their population 3 times.
  • Mexico has undisputed efficiency where 39% of their tests come up positive (8% death rate). Fortunately only 8% of ours do.

Great. So we’re America and winning like usual. Leading the world in tests and deaths. It’s like we’re looking for it and finding it. Today I read that a tiger tested positive.

Covid Reporting

This is in no way attempting to tarnish the death of a man, just pointing out reporting. Here’s a Covid death:

Ron Wright was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. The 5 year survival rate of those with lung cancer is between 7-25% depending on the type. To put lung cancer in perspective, Dustin Diamond died a couple of weeks after completing his first round of chemo for stage 4 small cell carcinoma. Did Ron Wright die of Covid? He absolutely did as he was diagnosed 2 weeks before his death but it’s not like he doesn’t have an underlying condition of a severe form of cancer. Do you die of Covid or die of Cancer? Today’s argument would be if he didn’t have covid he’d still be alive when the better argument is if he didn’t have cancer, and caught covid, would he still be alive?

What’s the Point, Vanessa?

Maybe you don’t need to wear a mask in your own car. Maybe you don’t have to put your mask on when I run by you. Maybe the media fear reporting you’re being fed shouldn’t make you think that 100% of people have the virus. This isn’t condoning dumb behavior like going to large gatherings mask less, but maybe there isn’t anything wrong with visiting friends where everyone feels fine. Maybe don’t ruin the education of millions of children for the sake of .14% of the population. Nobody wants death, but death is a part of life. People die and Covid 19 isn’t that much different than cancer. When a 35 year old dies from brain cancer people barely think twice. 600,000 people a year die from cancer in the US. People today will lose a parent to old age instead of seeing them one last time because they are scared of killing them. If you don’t have Covid, you can’t give someone Covid. It’s ludicrous.

Global Perspective

To bring a final element to this post, here are the charts of other countries.

You can see how every country deals with reporting differently. China, where the virus originated, doesn’t have cases any more. India probably gave up reporting. Russia’s reporting doesn’t take off days. The summer in Europe and the USA was oddly quiet. This is real and every country is going about it in their own capacity so it’s important to understand why your country has some of the biggest outlier #’s. China conducted 160 million tests with 89,000 cases and we conducted 325 million tests with 27 million cases. This virus is politically driven. Don’t think otherwise. Who is telling the truth? Unfortunately the splitting ten investigative team is not going to delve into this one.

The bottom line is that the government freaked the people out. Anyone in a hospital will tell you it’s terrible but that’s like a soldier telling the President it’s a losing war because he watched his buddy’s head get sniped off. This is a disease like HIV and lung cancer are diseases. People still have unprotected sex and still smoke cigarettes. But it transmits easier? Than live your life in a mask when the rest of the population takes their chances.

The Vaccine! Once everyone is vaccinated life will go back to normal. Boy I hope so. For me though, why do I need to get vaccinated if I’ve never caught the virus? Is it possible I can’t catch the virus the same way I’m immune to poison ivy? I’m being vaccinated for a non-problem. It’s like having perfect eye sight and wearing glasses. I’ll get vaccinated if it means being able to get on airplanes and going to bars but it’s only because of a police run state. I’m told, and made to think, that getting the vaccine is the solution. All I’m saying is, “but what if you don’t”. Throw that man in jail! That seems wrong to me and if you tell me I’m stupid because I think that, it’s fine because my instincts are what they are and I’m not a lemming. I prefer to think instead of believing what I’m told.

Police state: