Day 14,325 started unlike most others. After taking a morning pee, I noticed there was not an unwrapped toilet paper atop the porcelain casing. I don’t use a wall roller as it’s archaic and inefficient. I took off the wrapper and started peeling the first ply and don’t you know, it gets stuck after I go a few rotations around and the entire roll was askew paper wise. My nails aren’t long so I had hard time finding the right spot and next thing I know the toilet paper is fumbling mid air. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK. In a split second, it felt like there was zero time to catch it, it splashes direct into my piss water and it goes shooting all over my leg. That’s how I began day 14,325.

What’s the Truth?

This is the hardest question to answer in today’s age. With so much information, it’s easy to get lost in what a political/media bias is trying to impress on you. This is clearly evident in the trans shooter in Nashville. CNN & MSNBC will not say it’s a trans-shooter and gun control is the issue. Fox News and further right outlets will make sure you know that the wo-man was on testosterone supplements and this was a key component. USAToday will make sure you don’t mis-use the killers pronouns.

Move the Goal Posts

The problem is not what gender the human is or how they got a gun, it’s why can’t we harmoniously agree that this has to stop. Rather than hide the facts, which is a #1 issue of a problem (i.e. CNN & MSNBC), we have to agree that both sides need to move their goal posts in. Whether you want to agree or disagree that mental health in trans-gendered humans should be questioned is up to you. Whether you want to agree or disagree that gun control is out of control is also for you to decide. The bottom line though is that these two issues are on the extremes of where they need to be and if you are on that extreme on both of these issues, you’re part of the problem.

One point I’ve taken to heart after finishing Tim Urban’s book is it’s important not to be silenced even if it’s not a popular opinion. The more you are being silenced, the more you need to speak out. I will continue to share my viewpoints in these posts, be open minded, and won’t be bullied into feeling like I can’t put out what I feel.