Dustin Johnson (-16) currently leads the Masters by 4 strokes. The nearest 3 behind are not “real” challengers. Cameron Smith. Abraham Ancer. Sungjae Im. 5th place is Dylan Frittelli (-11) and after Justin Thomas (-10). With all fairness to the game, we can call Jon Rahm (-9), Patrick Reed, and Sebastian Munoz too far away. Why is that?

Dustin Johnson went 65, 70, 65. I followed Saturday closely and I don’t understand how he shot that 70. The guy hits all the par 5’s in 2. He rarely misses the fairway off the tee. His putting is adequate. Watching Bryson and thinking he is better than Dustin Johnson is LOL funny. Bryson may be better on a certain day and time, but what we are seeing here is an art to golf. DJ has tied Jordan Spieth’s 2015 record for lowest 54 hole score.

To understand the Masters, it’s important to look into their notable members.

  • Warren Buffett
  • Bill Gates
  • Roger Goodell
  • Petyton Manning
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • CEO of IBM, American Express, Bank of America
  • Condoleezza Rice

This is prestigious. The best rise to the top. AKA Tiger Woods last year. This is not an every week tournament. This is the top tournament in golf without question. These are the people who have the most money in our country.

Why else would this much food and drink only cost $20. They don’t need any money.

DJ has been doing this all season. He was 2nd last week at the Houston Open. 6th at the US Open. 1st at the Tour Championship. 2nd at the PGA. It’s not like he found his game, he’s elevating it. I don’t see how the players behind will compete.

With that being said, here are my bets.

These are all made at various times of the tournament. I’m not that structured where I can display time made. I try to get long odds on (who I think are the best) players. I bet Louis in every tournament because I’ve lost so much on him that he has to pay back sometime and I don’t want to miss it. Morikawa, Kokrak, and Koepka were all pre-tournament. Cantlay was mostly in round 1. McIllroy was when he was -2. Reed I bet at about pre and then during the 2nd round. Im was today. I have a host of other matchup bets that I was surprisingly successful at.

Full Spreadsheet

I don’t see how DJ (328.8 driving avg, 3rd rank) doesn’t win. 4 strokes is not insurmountable if he makes mistakes. After watching today, that isn’t likely. However, tomorrow is another day and the golf swing is fickle. Im (304.6, 80th) is who I think has the best chance of tracking him down. Ancer (296.9, 151st) and Smith (297.3, 145th) aren’t long enough off the tee to contend. Fritellelli (313.3, 26th) has the lenght and JT (301.3, 105th) have the skill, but they are too far back.

Unless DJ is over par, I think this one is a wrap. Patrick Reed would have to shoot a 65 (-7) to get to where DJ is now. There have been 5 65’s on the course so far and DJ has 2. Paul Casey, Corey Conners, and the Dylan Frittelli are the others. It’s going to be an easy watch tomorrow unfortunately. I hope I’m wrong for my sake and my money’s sake.