I saw this sign in a parking lot. There are two ways to look at this.

The Ways

The Simpleton – Electric cars are better for the environment and they should get preferential treatment to gas cars. It’s a mass incentivization to save the planet. This is a step in the right direction because my government tells me so and I will not question this any further.

A Few Thoughts Before My Point

High carbon emissions lead to global warming is the concern for the environment.  

Since the Industrial Revolution, the global annual temperature has increased in total by a little more than 1 degree Celsius, or about 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Global warming leads to extreme weather like heat waves, droughts, floods, and heavy precipitation. Antarctica has lost 4 trillion metric tons of ice. These effects are felt by all people in one way or another but are experienced most acutely by the underprivileged, the economically marginalized, and people of color, for whom climate change is often a key driver of poverty, displacement, hunger, and social unrest. NRDC

Not everyone is a believer in carbon emissions.

Who Do You Believe?

The researchers found that, on average, gasoline cars emit more than 350 grams of CO2 per mile driven over their lifetimes. The hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions, meanwhile, scored at around 260 grams per mile of carbon dioxide, while the fully battery-electric vehicle created just 200 grams.

Is this enough of a difference to get preferential treatment in a parking lot when this is how we are getting the lithium for the batteries and the idea that the electricity used to charge the cars is still using natural resources?

Here are the child slaves for lithium gathering for Electric Vehicle battery’s.

Moral Superiority

If I wanted to make a sign, it would say you can park here if your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. That’s the body mass index of a healthy human being. My lot would discriminate and say that if you don’t keep yourself in shape, you don’t deserve a good parking spot. You’re not saving our planet because of your unhealthy lifestyle. You’re costing us more because your bad health will lead to more expense for our healthcare system which will raise all our taxes. So, yeah, you need walk further.

Where does this end? My point has nothing to do with global warming. I don’t give a shit. We’ve decided as a planet that some people are right and some people are wrong. The people who are right are generally whoever the government says are right. In 30 years, driving mass electric cars could give create a sonic wave that blows up Norway, no one can predict this stuff, and I find it alarming people are so eager to jump on ideas. I personally feel that it makes people feel better about themselves, with no true regard to the greater impact, and I think that’s sad.