The Mis-Information Age

My personal belief is that Jack Dorsey left Twitter because the element of Free Speech, and how Twitter handles it, has become compromised. Make no mistake there are interests controlling what you read in the headlines. Silicon Valley has become a prominent source of this because of the power they have in disseminating info and how what results you see when you search. When the most powerful companies in the world (Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter) decide how you should think for you, they will never lose power. Fortunately, there are people like Elon Musk who are on the other site of big government.

As you can see from the poll, 2/3’s of the people who use Twitter believe they are controlling what you read by censoring info they find “offensive” or “misinformation”. This is manipulative and a major component in the dissidence that is created in today’s economy. How can you know the truth when you are only being provided what they want you to read (or only what you want to read is another element).

The solution is to stop using the platforms that have these types of bias. For instance, I read the Wall Street Journal every morning and they have a longevity and professionalism behind them which means that what I’m reading is held to a higher standard than the twitter account CatTurd. If you haven’t noticed, I use Twitter every day and embed a lot of my info to this site from it so I’m praying to god I’m smart enough to sniff out the fabricated material. If I’m not, then my world view will shift depending on what I’m reading. This is scary because it shapes / controls you.

Silicon Valley hopes you’re not smart enough to realize this and I’d imagine most aren’t. Think 1984 with regard to Silicon Valley. These people are not your friends. They’ve created projects and products that create data points that allow them to control you. Why? You’ll have to find a better website than mine. I also find it comical that Googles core motto is Don’t Be Evil. I hold them in far higher regard than I do Facebook for what that’s worth.