“It’s time, for theme parks to make rides more accommodating,” said Richmond of Fat Girls Traveling.

JC buys USAToday and I read an article on fat people going to theme parks and complaining that they can’t fit on the rides. Normally, I don’t read articles in these types of papers because it’s mindless drivel, but we are on vacation so I’m reading what’s in front of me.

“Make things bigger so that bigger people can fit comfortably,” she said. Businesses need to step up and accommodate the majority of the population, it’s time.”

As of 2018, 42.4% of adults are obese and 31.3% are overweight. That’s 3/4 of the population. The underlying argument to this article is that since the majority of people are overweight, businesses need to take that into consideration.

Where is the facepalm emoji? This issue is where rational thinking goes out the window. Businesses need to accommodate larger Americans who deserve to be accommodated. Here’s an idea, make a park designed for overweight people? Well we can’t do that, that’s wrong! We need to make overweight the new normal. It’s no matter that obesity is unhealthy, we are now in the business of promoting unhealthy and coddling to it.

We don’t hold people socially responsible, we cater our society around these deficiencies. If I build a sick loop the loop that will crash if it goes over its max weight of 200 lbs, I don’t see why I’m the one who has to make a new roller coaster because the Fat Girls Traveling can’t fit in it? This article is an inherent problem with society not understanding what’s wrong. The amusement parks should not have to rebuild their coasters. The people who choose to live unhealthy to the point where they can’t fit on the coaster is where the line has to be drawn. And if you’re too big to fit on it and you live healthy? Big deal. You won’t ride the coaster. This isn’t USA Today front page news spilling into the lives that the overweight majority needs to be heard. If 75% of the USA is overweight, then you understand why USA Today publishes these articles because they are reaching their audience. If America wants to “be better” then someone needs to say that this direction will have devastating effects. This goes the same for the debt we take that’s backed by no work. Shape up!