I said I was going to become a cyclist. I got a bike and rode for over an hour on Monday with Jonny and Gourlay.

I ALSO said I was going to become a stoner. I bought LEGAL edibles from a LEGAL citizen.

I assumed I’d have a very low tolerance to the drug, so I wanted to be careful. Worst case is I take one and end up killing Covy or Melon because I panic so hard.

But I think it’s been too slow. I’ve attempt to get ‘high‘ three times. All three times have resulted in a little high than an actual high.

That’s why I haven’t been posting the last ~10 days. I keep taking these wonder drugs thinking the content will just pour out of head onto this blog, but it hasn’t happened.

So I’m committing. With the few edibles I have left, I’m committing to getting LEGALLY really high and giving the people what they deserve, great content.

Stay tuned, and thank you for reading.