That’s how you start a football season. If you haven’t noticed by now, I find players, and then stick to them for an abnormal amount of time. This year it’s Gabriel Davis and Dameon Pierce. I’ve got them on 3 of my teams and Gabe on my guillotine team. The guillotine league is where the lowest scoring team gets eliminated every week. Early prediction, but I should be safe this week with the Gabe performance.

Should you ever listen to my sports advice? No. HOWEVA, every once in a while I hit and my forte is 1st TD’s. My favorite way to hit longer odds are to take best WR on the underdog team. Usually the favorite is expected to score first so the odds are shorter but it doesn’t mean that much in my opinion. If the underdog gets the ball first, I like picking teams with bad RB’s and their best WR to score. I also like goal line RB’s to score from the 1, for instance Darrell Henderson last night. He was 22-1 and that was good money spent. I’ll post on Sunday with a few bets I’ll be making.