I’ve removed the GoDaddy firewall and comments can now be accepted. I apologize to the 53 texts I received from people who couldn’t leave a comment on the website. These misfortunes probably will happen again. The options are to enable a firewall to not have Cialis ads or disable the firewall to let our amazing commenters enhance the quality of the site. We’ll go with the latter as this is an actual community that wants opinions, as long as they are totally in alignment with what I want. It’s a democracy I tell ya!

Just to add some substance to this post. Here is our President opening the ports 24/7. This is a hilarious notion as you don’t have the workforce to do this. LOL!

Here’s one of the party representatives.

She’s the worst. Biden is bad as well because he runs from reporters the first chance he gets. Is that a leader?

I’m also well aware that I’m looking for these types of examples from this party. My feed gets formulated with opinions that I agree with. I find it funny how I can post this and any one who is a democrat would immediately go into why this is perfectly fine. Fortunately I have a solution, dismantle the party system. It’s gotten too extreme and is ruining the USA. Donald Trump is not the answer. He’s talking about the 2020 rigging of the election as his main priority. For the love of god it’s time to clean house. No more lifetime terms. Get rid of people who have been sucking from the teet of the people for so long. This government wants to monitor you ($600 dollar investigation anyone?) so you don’t uprise against them because they know that’s a HUGE problem for their control. They are just like you and me. No better. Probably worse. This blog will probably be censored after this post. Big Brother is watching.