Fast food it not healthy food. I try to eat as little fast food as possible but I’d be lying if I said I never indulge. Menu items have gotten tastier, and even though they tell you how unhealthy they are, no one gets fast food if they are watching their weight. When ordering, I know what I like, and then I’ll almost always order the same item from the same place every time. I don’t need to “experience” the menu. I’m certain there are places that could make this list I haven’t had often, or ever, such as In and Out Burger and Jack and the Box, but I’ll make do with what I know.

4. McDonald’s / Wendy’s

Everyone knows that McDonald’s and Wendy’s is a toss up. I identify strengths and weaknesses with each and it makes it too hard to pick. I like the vanilla shake from McDonald’s over the frosty. The Baconator is better than the Big Mac. I don’t draw a line between their nuggets and sauces. The fries of Wendy’s are just as good. McDonald’s has the better breakfast but I’ll be honest and say I’ve never had Wendy’s which I’d guess is tasty. I put this on the list because it’s a staple. You know what you are getting (most of the time) depending on the location.

3. Chik Fil A

For some reason Chik Fil A doesn’t feel as unhealthy which I like. However, when I’ve consumed 1,100 grams of sugar in their lemonade, perhaps I’m misguided. It’s awesome though. I’ll usually get the nuggets here which you can get in the large or small and I don’t give a shit. The Polynesian sauce is the bomb. The chicken sandwiches are all great as well. The drive thru line is crowded as a covid testing site but their system is nailed down. Having someone take your order before you even get to the speaker? Brilliant. They always seem clean inside and it almost feels like the people want to work there which I’ve never understood. Must be that Christian brainwashing. One negative, their marketing campaign of the cow telling you to eat chicken in sadistic. It’s ok to personify a cow but not a chicken? Chickens have feelings too!

2. Wawa

By far the most visited by me on this list and it’s not even close. Wawa isn’t the best food by any means. It’s more of a filler than a cacophony of amazing taste. I’ll get into the menu in a second but let’s be clear on what makes Wawa great, the coffee. Why do you think I go here as often as I do? HMMMMMM, addicted to caffeine much? I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even think I like the food anymore. Sizzli? It’s food. Turkey Club? Food. Meatball Sub? Food. They are all 6 or 7 out of 10’s. I wouldn’t touch some of the menu items with a 10 ft pole. Cheese steak? Lulz. Briscuit? Double Lulz. If I’m hungry and I want to get coffee to go with some sort of filler food, Wawa is the perfect, quick stop. I’m also able to get gas, smartfood, BBQ sunflower seeds and Gatorade Zero which move this in the plus column.

1. Taco Bell

Let’s cut to the chase and rate the Cheesy Gordita Crunch as the best fast food menu item of all time. Drunk, 2am, Taco Bell may be heaven on Earth. You get the first little taco with the meal and that’s a perfect setup to the dynamite that is the CGC. The part about Taco Bell is that they have a menu that’s worth exploring. I like the quesadilla, but I don’t think it’s better than an actual Mexican quesadilla. I ate one at a place in college called Veracruz that was what I looked forward to every Tuesday. It’s hard for me to know what else kicks ass at Taco Bell but you just know that the lines that they get mean that people like it. Sure, you pay for this food in other ways than money, but boy oh boy it’s worth it.

Honorable Mention – Arby’s Curly Fries, Five Guys is a heart attack waiting to happen, Burger King used to be my favorite burger