Spongebob is the undisputed best cartoon of my childhood.

Hey Arnold? No. Rugrats? Get the fuck out of my face.

It’s Spongebob and you all know it.

Slade sent me the first episode of Spongebob this weekend. It’s just amazing. It makes sense why it’s perhaps the most meme-able cartoon of all time.

Take 8 minutes and watch. Understand why this is so great. Witness greatness.

1:10 – I mean, right off the bat, this is truly gold. What kind of alarm clock is that!

1:53 – The animation is perfect, the stutter step, followed by the grunts.

3:02 – Slade’s favorite part. Patrick straight struggling to think of something to say.

3:15 – The ICONIC “I’M READY!!!!!

3:20 – Squidward wiping the window of “loser” captioned over his dumb face. Who thought of that?!

3:47 – INSTA-trip on the nail. So good.

5:28 – Every kid born between 1990 and 1995 uttered this “smelly smell” line.

6:10 – “Bar-gain Mart! Meeting all your spatula needs” This is, HANDS DOWN, my favorite part of the episode. It’s two seconds long, but it’s incredible. As if Bargain Mart has a jingle specifically for spatulas, and Spongebob is just casually singing it as he walks in. How many takes did they do of him singing that? It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.

7:34 – What in god’s name is this song?! I’ll tell you, it’s Living in the Sunlight, lovin’ in the Moonlight. Seriously just an instant classic.

8:43 – Perfectly executed three “hurray”s from Squidward.

This set the tone for years to come. Name a better kids cartoon. There isn’t one.