I’ve got an in depth Travis Scott/ AstroWorld post upcoming that is taking me a while to piece together with all the demonic undertones and enraging frequency music waves. This is a 15 minute shit post before bowling that I’m throwing together to keep you all compelled. I’d guess more people will like this than most other posts.

My daily routine is getting to work around 7, reading the WSJ, handling work until a bit after 4, then coming home and turning on Judge Judy for 15 minutes before I go for a run. Judge Judy does a remarkable bit of camera work hiding stone cold foxes behind the plaintiffs or defendants. It’s so obvious that the best looking woman get these star seats so the camera is pointed directly at them and their heads are perfect visible. It’s all well thought out.

While watching a 22 year old try to steal a $1,700 dollar lottery ticket from the woman in the feature image, I saw this beauty.

Sorry she’s blurry. I don’t know if they flew her in from Sweden but this is who I’m waiting for and girls like this dig guys with money. Well not all chicks. Well, the type that double up on a guy like me do. Either way, I don’t think I’m catching this bombshell unless my bank account has a few more zeros. That aside, I was floored to see a legitimate 10/10 as an extra on Judge Judy. Do they pay her? Is this a rotating gig? All I know is that she could be a mute and I’d be perfectly content. Hell, that may even work out better. This was shot in 2016 so she may be hard to track down. Is this Victoria Silvstedt Playmate of the Year?