It’s 8:20am on a Saturday morning which is an unusual time for me to blog. I deferred to writing instead of watching episode 3 of the first season of True Detective. I’m re-watching TD as research for a future blog post about best TV seasons ever. This post, however, will be golf related. It should be a good read even if you only understand the idea of winning a tournament and hate golf. To add, this video going around of how nice of guy Spieth is, will add to the timeliness.

Is Jordan Spieth Better Than Everyone Else?

Winning a golf tournament is extremely challenging at the PGA level. The tournament starts with the best 150 players and the cream rises to the top. When you’re in “form”, it’s relatively easy to see the wins coming. Every once in a while though a player will have 15 straight MC’s and put it all together for 4 days. This is a rarity against the top of the competition with wins tending to go to the hottest “now” player. Currently Dustin Johnson, then Koepka, Bryson, Reed & Cantlay (Rory and JT can spring at anytime). So my question is, can Jordan Spieth be the best again like he was in 2017?

Spieths last 4 tournaments were T4, T3, T15, and T4. The 4 tournaments before were 4 MC’s, T38, T41, and T46. That’s current form. Jordan Speith has 11 career wins, 3 majors, but hasn’t had one since 2017. He had 5 wins in 2015, 2 in 2016, and 3 in 2017. So you’re looking at a player who is capable of winning one of these (most guys aren’t) and he’s finishing high but not taking it over the last hump. I say this with confidence that he will win again.

The reason why is because he sees the game a bit differently. He’s not the longest off the tee (297yards, 88th), or best putter (53rd in strokes gained), but he’s a shot maker. A few weeks ago he sunk a 7 iron from distance and the hole in 1 on a 222 yard tee shot was ridiculous last week. He’s bombing putts which is not a talent everyone has and he’s dropping bunker shots. This week he E with 2 rounds to go and 9 strokes behind the leader, so it most likely won’t be this week.

Just remember that I’ve been betting on Louis for about 5 years since his last win. I hate to do that to Spieth, but it’s a feeling that is worth sharing because it’s going to happen. Here’s how many close calls Louis has. I will call a golf tournament again in my life.