Communication is functional to success. Why is he using functional? Is that the word he thinks is supposed to go there? Wouldn’t essential be better? Is essential overused and meaningless? Amazingly, I’ve read when speaking, it barely even matters what words you say and it’s more about the tone of how it is said. This is why when I hear someone tell me that they “appreciates” me, my head explodes.

I’m turning into the old man who yells at clouds. As much as I want to put my head in the sand and let people be people, an urge to be right is overwhelming. What is right? Right is accurate and truthful. When you tell me you appreciates me, aside from it not being plural which is immediately wrong, you don’t actually appreciate me. For the basis of this post, this was said to me by a cashier. Was she appreciating that I was giving her money to fund the billion dollar company she works for? Did she appreciate that I used a card instead of a cash? Did she like my new haircut?

The more that people create their own truth and re-write the rules, the worse off we’ll be. We’re not in a recession. She’s not a she. We didn’t join the LIV tour because of the money. Lying is bad for society and we’re in a golden age of misinformation. Thinking accurately is incredibly difficult and I’m at fault just as much as everyone else. It’s recognizing when you’re wrong and admitting it (the recession statement is such a wildly erroneous declaration to make they think no one is paying attention or they can do whatever they want). There is no trust when you deal with people who have no accountability.

How does any of this relate to anything? It doesn’t. I was going to make a post that I stopped going to the Wawa on 6th and Spring Garden because it’s full of junkies and homeless and now support the one in Queens Village. Hilariously I was also going to make a post to root for my 60-1 golfer yesterday who lost by 5 after being tied for the lead in the final round. Alex said he needed some content so I’m trying to get back on the wagon. I’m sure I’ll have more to say upcoming, but it’s been slow as of late. Here’s to appreciating August!