Back when I was a kid, the public pool used to sell frozen snickers bars. This was the highlight of my day. My little kid teeth could barely penetrate the rock hard chocolate and frozen chocolate is far superior to melted. Back then, Snickers and Milky Way’s were the big chocolate bars. Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of Butterfingers (thank Bart Simpson), Whatchamacallit, 5th Avenue, and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. If you can feel the vibe, I’m a big chocolate / peanut combo guy. I still eat frozen peanut m&m’s at work.

Anyway, for nostalgia sake, I decided to buy a snickers bar and put it in the freezer. As an adult, I don’t eat a ton of sweets. Virtually no ice cream. I had a cookies and cream milkshake from Sundae Best and it felt like my stomach was bazooka’d with a dairy explosion. Aside from the peanut M&m’s, I have no chocolate aside from a cookie or two my mom will make. I’ll eat potato chips, Doritos, Wheat Thins, or Parmesan goldfish, but don’t make a habit out snack. So for the most part, the snickers was going to be a treat.

I opened the package and used my now adult teeth and crushed into the frozen chocolate. I bit through the chocolate, peanut, nougat (I had to look this up and it’ s not called it any more) mixture and was pleasantly surprised but not over the wall excited. I like the taste but the 250 calories for this chocolate bar aren’t worth the squeeze for this to be a daily habit. I can tell that my teeth don’t like sugar in general which would also prevent me from eating these with regularity. I enjoyed the candy bar, but I’m not sure what I would give a higher score in the candy category. The milkshake was a solid 8. This was a 6.5/10.