It didn’t take me long to make a name for myself as an elite Philly cyclist!

I just hit a moving car on my bike.

Here’s what happened…

I was flying up Spruce Street in the bike lane after work trying to get a sweat in before blasting all the cucks on COD. There was a mail truck blocking the bike lane, a car in front of me, and a car behind me.

I checked behind to make sure I was good to get in between the two cars and I was. The car in front of me hit its brakes pretty hard because the USPS employee got out of their truck. I hit my brakes pretty hard and the back wheel skidded out.

Miraculously, I recovered and didn’t fall. I thought to myself “Holy shit, that would have sucked because I’m going pretty fast.” and continued riding.

Then, another 50 feet up the street, the same car that hit its brakes took a left turn without signaling. I was in the bike lane on his left trailing just behind and slammed on the brakes. This time both wheels skidded out, the front of my bike hit his car as he turned, and I tumbled off my bike behind the car. By the time I fell I wasn’t going nearly as fast as before, but it was still fast enough where I had no control.

I popped up and got my bike off to the sidewalk. A guy who was walking asked if I was okay and the car I hit had stopped. The driver was a young guy and asked if I was alright like five times which I confirmed I was. I apologized for hitting his car (there was a scratch) and we agreed to just mutually part.

He drove off, I continued my ride, and aside from some scrapes on my hand / arm, I’m fine. I’m genuinely happy I was wearing a helmet.

Didn’t take me long to screw this one up! Can’t wait to ride again.