Not Dave would be proud of my clickbait title. Unfortunately, it is the truth.

Outside of that truth is that I made 25k in UAVS over the past 3 days . Today is the pullback. I share this with you so that if this stock makes me a millionaire, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

I’m a Loser

My results of losing speak for themselves. When I was in my early 20’s I invested 40k in 3 funds after reading “the smartest investment book you’ll ever read”, lost 50% during the crash, sold, and then watched in horror during the rebound. In 2018 and 2019, I lost $2,800 & $1,650 playing Draftkings. I routinely lose money sports betting. I know how to lose.

That being said, all it takes is one lucky play and it erases all the losing. I bought 1,000 shares of UAVS @ 1.36 on 4/30/20. I can’t remember where I got the information that this was a stock to look at. Something about drones and Amazon. I kept adding on to the position slowly as I watched it moved. Then this week, the stock shot from 3 to 8.

I share this not to gloat. I share this to show dumb luck. Stortz Tools did more in revenue than UAVS did this year. Yet I know for a fact that the market cap of Stortz Tools isn’t $200 million. However, Stortz Tools also isn’t inline to deliver packages by drones for Amazon. So I write this with cautious advice that this stock is as risky as they come. However, I can’t maintain a blog and not give a potential winner to my the audience. I personally will not be exiting the position and will look to buy more if it drops below 5. Tell me that this doesn’t look like the future?