Crime has been a hot topic around Philadelphia! With two robberies nearby, as well as car jackings all over, it’s natural to worry and wonder if it will happen to me.

I think a lot about what I would do if someone tried to rob me? I realize as I write these that heat of the moment interactions rarely go how you expect, and you truly don’t know how you’ll react in the moment.

Scenario 1: Single man points a gun at me and says “Give me your money” on the street.
My Move: This is where being a hero can get you killed. I genuinely believe these people would rather not shoot anyone, but any non-complying action, like yelling, running, fighting, increases your chance of dying exponentially. In this case, I would give my wallet. If they demand a phone, I’d give them that too without even trying a “I don’t have one“. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Scenario 2: Single man says “I have a gun (or knife), give me your money” on the street.
My Move: Run. No thought. Just start sprinting. Someone who just says they have a gun definitely doesn’t want to shoot you, and in the split second you start running, if they don’t have the gun drawn (they might not have one at all), they’re probably not going to chase you to shoot you. I’d also start yelling after I got a few steps away, because attention is bad for them.

Scenario 3: Four KIDS (14-17) surround me for a mugging.
My Move: This may be the worst one, because the kids don’t just want to steal your shit, they want to beat you up too. I would run if there was any hope of getting away, but the second I don’t think I can get away, I’d cover my face, curl up, and yell as loud as I can, while accepting that they’re going to take my things. You could try fighting back, but you’re not going to win, so why bother.

Scenario 4: Someone with a gun demands my keys as I walk away from my car.
My Move: Same logic applies as 1 & 2. If the gun is out, I swallow my pride and hand over the keys. If it’s not, I run and scream. This runs the risk of them fucking up your car after the fact if you do get away, but I’d rather that than having the car completely stolen.

Scenario 5: I’m IN my car at a red light when someone points a gun at me through the window demanding I get out.
My Move: This is the so-close-yet-so-far scenario. All you need to do is step on the gas and not get shot in the face! It seems so easy. But I stick to my principle here; If someone is POINTING the gun, then any action that doesn’t go their way will likely result in them pulling the trigger. It’s not worth the risk, even though escape is so close. I’d get out of the car, probably accept a pistol whipping or something, and hope my car is found later.

Those are the scenarios that I’m ready for. Am I going wrong anywhere? How many of you are actually fighting back? Should I carry a gun?