I didn’t get to finish the Euro trip in Amsterdam but there wasn’t much more. Aside from watching Rugby with an Aussie, playing pool with some Scots, and having an overall fun time in what I’d consider a progressive city, that was it.

I’m heading to Daytona Beach today for another show and will be back on Sunday. I’ve been totally out of sorts because my bag never arrived from Amsterdam to Philadelphia. It appears to be in the Philadelphia airport, but the courier hasn’t delivered it, they don’t respond to contact, and the tracking system is confusing because it says pending delivery and also delivered the day I landed which would have been impossible. So I’m without all the clothes I like to wear and have been riding the B tier. I went to buy a few replacements yesterday and hate them all, not to mention that I must have left one of the bags at the mall because the genius clerk forgot to take off the security tag and I must have laid it down and forgot it. It hasn’t been the easiest stretch.

Either way, I’m heading off with only a backpack and will make the best of it. I want to write a post about how “stay safe” is the dumbest possible expression and I’m going to start saying “good luck” instead.