This internet is spotty so I’m limited with my pictures. I’d pay the $9.99 for the premium internet but I can’t get that screen to come back up.

I awoke at 3:15am this morning to catch a 6:26 flight out of Philadelphia to Chicago. My alarm was set for 3:45, but my internal clock got me up. I made some eggs and drank a cup of coffee to force a poop so there would be no need to go at the airport or on the plane. For the rest of my life I plan on executing this strategy so I avoid public pooping. It’s not that I can’t, but I find it off putting.

I get the Uber and he’s a 31 year old, West African man. Now that I’m older than him, he’s my junior which is weird when people in their 30’s are your junior. He tells me he’s moved to Seattle, and does Uber in Philly where his sisters are. I could tell from his vocab usage that he was well read and his word choice flowed smoothly. He was a big GoT fan and said I was the Jorah Mormont with my age and I silently thought he compared me to Ja Morant. It was one of the better Uber rides I’ve had in these morning hours.

The line for the check in at United was 2 minutes (Spirit had a line out the ass which I refuse to fly them or Frontier any longer) and the security line was 500 people deep by my estimate. They had a new check where you walk side by side through a drug sniffing dog which is why the long line I’d imagine. I get randomly selected for a hand swab test which I passed. Yay.

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I got checked in quickly at the Sheraton in Rosemont and have a few days here to spend with the National Roofers Contactor Association putting together a program for slate roofers. I’m missing our bowling playoffs on Thursday and these sentences are my only words of wisdom to the boys.

  • Every shot is important starting in frame 1 of the first game.
  • Pick up your spares and don’t get down if you miss. The games can be wildly unpredictable so don’t give up if you start slow.
  • If you win game 1, roll relaxed and step on their throats in game 2. Don’t leave it to a 3rd.
  • Remember to follow through if you’re not striking.