If you remember my Bud Light post about shorting the stock after the trans activist Dylan Mulvaney personalized can debacle, you’d have been rewarded with a 100% gain. Naturally, I sold them 2 days ago and only grossed 50%, and that leaves me with…as the Beatles song TaxMan states, “be thankful they don’t take it all.” Also, other than Bill, does anyone know where the below Gif is from (sans text).

Bullseye on Target

Next up on the corporation feeling the need to make political statements is Target. I hear all the time if trans people make up such a small % of the population, why worry? I’ll throw the question back by asking if it’s such a small market, why are corporations going after it? Do they care about that market for profit or are they making a political statement? The answer is obvious and politics is a sensitive subject in billion dollar businesses. Do you see Target selling MAGA stickers? Would that alienate their customer base? Would you stop shopping there if you hated Donald Trump? For all I know the ones in Alabama do.

I’m not afraid to share my opinion for being cancelled. I recently talked with current collegiate females who expressed the idea that if you dissent from trans approval, you will face consequences. A simple story that a girl was removed from the sorority for speaking a differing opinion. I believe that being trans sexual is akin to a mental illness. Indoctrination during youth by nutty far left liberals has occurred to the point that being ‘trans’ is in, and teenagers are welcomed/coerced to make this life changing decision. Even actively encouraged for gender surgery which is performed by certain medical institutions for children under 18. It’s batshit crazy. I would never actively deter someone to be trans sexual, every human has the right to be whatever they want, but I don’t agree that the world needs to cater around this community. No new bathrooms. No tucking bathing suits (I don’t even understand what this is, is it a girl with a penis tucking it in to be a boy?) in billion dollar corporations. No new pronouns. I’m indifferent to transsexuals’ and it’s not fair to call someone transphobic because I wouldn’t date one.

What happened to Bud Light was corporate suicide. This tweet is real life currently.

For me it’s always about money and Target is next on the chopping block. Unfortunately it’s already been hit up a bit that I can’t recommend shorting it the same way I did Bud Light. All I can write is don’t be surprised if the stock keeps tanking. I didn’t even address their stances on crime from their stores which results in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Should the next post be on crime and how the district attorneys of our liberal cities are handling it?