“Put your money where your mouth is.” “Have skin in the game.” These are common sayings you should to consider when investing. You should never trust anyone who isn’t doing it themselves…and you probably shouldn’t trust them either especially if it’s me, HOWEVER, I am making a play on the Anheuser Busch stock tanking after their latest PR stunt using trans-sexual Dylan Muvlaney on their beer can.

Can Bud Light Influence a 120 Billion Market Cap?

I bought 5 contracts worth of May 26th, $62 puts at $2.00. At work, we got into the discussion about why I thought the stock would tank because men who drink Bud Light don’t want to be associated with a transsexual. You can take that statement as you want, but I’m betting it’s true even if you think it’s false. From a business perspective, they are marketing to less than 1% of beer drinkers while separating from the other 99%. This is bad for business in my mind no matter how virtuous you want to be. Now, Anheuser Busch is huge and Bud Light is about $4 billion of the $55 billion in annual revenue. It’s the best selling beer in the country. Will that sink sink the ship? Not in the long run but hopefully a short term hit. I’m betting that their audience doesn’t see eye to eye with these types of ads and you’ll see more boycotts from rednecks like Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, and the entire state of Alabama.

Nike As Well

This led us into the into the Nike discussion in another ad campaign that I can only describe as weird and I would think offensive to woman.

Imagine a female born, transitioned male basketball influencer trying to sell basketball shoes to today’s youth. I’m guessing here, but if you’re buying a show that Joel Embiid supports or the Amazon mustache girl, you get the idea. The entire Bud Light controversy comes from men being far more vocal in their confusion/outrage (some would argue insecurity). Political debates don’t belong in brand advertisements. Sam made a great point saying, “so you can’t use a trans person to advertise anything?” I thought about this a decent amount because it’s a completely fair question if you’re not going to provide a bigoted answer. My thought is that people see through it and know that the company is virtue signaling which is demeaning to everyone involved. They know these ideas aren’t going to sell more (I think), but do it because an influential firm who grades them on their inclusivity as a workplace looks highly upon it. They are completely ostracizing their core clientele. They want to push an agenda of inclusion down your throat. You can call me old fashioned and a transphobe, and I’ll note full heartedly I wish no malintent on any human being on this planet and fully stand behind their decision to do them, but that doesn’t mean that I have to agree or understand it. That’s my own right as a citizen of the United States. So you can use a transsexual in your ad, but don’t be surprised if the audience doesn’t identify with it because they don’t believe that women have penises.