Yesterday I was ripping it down 95 heading to work at about 6am. It’s lighter traffic than usual and I’ve gotten used to spots where cops are so my normal pace is 80, and I’ll push it from time to time. I check my rear view and see a Benz coupe approaching rapidly. Like a courteous driver I prepare to move into the right lane when a gray car unknowingly merges into the lane of the Benz that was passing it. I couldn’t tell if it hit it or not, but the Benz starts wildly fishtailing, possibly avoiding the accident, and heads into the guard rail. I thought I was going to be witnessing a death. Fortunately the car doesn’t flip and eventually comes to a stop. Here’s where it gets crazy.

I was certain the gray car was going to pull over…they didn’t. I’m watching the gray car drive on like nothing happened when I see the Benz, which could still drive, race behind it. I’m probably 50-100 yards ahead watching this thinking it’s about to go down knowing the Benz driver’s head is ready to explode. First the gray car goes fast but the Benz wouldn’t leave it’s tail. Then he starts slowing down to 20mph and the Benz stayed. At that point, I lost them as I had to drive like a normal human fleeing the scene of an accident.

Would You Have Stopped?

This all happened in a split second as I’m driving 80+mph while looking in my rear view so it’s not an exact science of what I witnessed. I saw the Benz moving quick behind me and the gray car merging into it causing it to fishtail off the road into the guard rail. Whether they hit, I don’t know. What transpired afterward was better than any movie I’ve ever seen because it was unpredictable what was going to happen. Stopping though was asking for a hot, hot situation between the gray car who CLEARLY should have stopped after doing what he did and an irate Benz driver. Not stopping after causing that to happen is sociopathic.