The short answer is yes. I haven’t had the time to post while also having no good topics for quality posts. But you never have quality posts?! Har har. My golf game is shit. I’m not bowling. I’m in excellent running shape. I’ve been losing thousand of dollars golf gambling and making thousands on DKNG. Not starting fights with random street peeps. Same shit different day. I’m heading to Florida on Thursday for a trade show and will be back on Sunday so don’t expect more amazing material.

I actually had a blog idea after hearing the Kars4Kids ad on WIP that was pretty wild. First of all, why do kids need cars? This led me down the road of Guns for Gorillas, Drugs for Dogs, and Kilts for Cats. I was going to come up with a bunch of them and Photoshop some pictures.

I am still alive though and life has been going well. Posts will be upcoming when I get back.