Sunday was not kind to me. I lost 18 bets in a row and lost all of the TJ Hockenson money. 4 were at the -110 or better. Others were long odds. Go figure.

The Stortz family is taking a week in Avalon and it’s life in the slow lane. I wake up. Eat breakfast. Read for a few hours. Swim. Go for a run. Eat dinner. Watch some TV. Sleep. Repeat.

This is far different from the standard monotony of dealing with tools every second of every workday. It’s odd to realize that life goes on without that attention, but it comes at a sacrifice to a business. It’s nice to have a few days off, but the machine doesn’t work smoothly without the integral cogs present, and this is a long term goal to achieve.

It’s nice to be able to read for hours though. I’m reading Demon Copperhead and should be able to get close to finished by week’s end. To have the time to knock down 550 pages of a fiction book is not typical in my normal routine. I’m also halfway through the monk book and will have to write more later.

Jeff, Julia, and I went to the Princeton on Saturday night and it was quite a fun time. Girls are perplexing me. I got one to put her phone number into my phone. The interaction was along the lines of do you want my number and she said, “why don’t I give you mine?” Great. I text her the next day and crickets. I don’t mind getting rejected but at least give me the opportunity to let you down.

Aside from the terrible bets on Sunday, it’s been a nice change of pace and I certainly don’t mind the break. I’ve been eating 5 chocolate chip cookies a day, beers, and tonight I’m going to get an Oreo Avalon Freeze. 2 more nights of freedom from the daily grind!