I’ve been going to Palm Tree Market for a breakfast sandwich since the start of the pandemic. It’s an Asian run establishment. I’m sure I’m racist for pointing that out. Properly, I have to say that it’s a human establishment, but it does add to the story if you understand specifically the situation instead of operating in this world where we are afraid to call it like it is. So, after coming in for a few weeks the human there asks me my name and I tell she/her it’s “Tom”. Sie tells me her name is “mel-(*inaudible*)”. I didn’t re-ask elle what zee name was because I didn’t think much of it. Unfortunately for me, I shopped at their business for that last 75 weeks and this lapse of not knowing her name is catching up with me as our relationship evolves.

Last week while waiting for my sandwich another woman was talking to Ms. Mel**** and I clearly heard her refer to the person I know as Melanie or Melody. So this puts me in the spot that after not addressing her by her name for a year in a half, do I want to take a stab at it and go with one of these two choices. I just don’t know how many people are named Melody that it HAS to be Melanie. Being wrong though would be a huge injustice to our relationship of innocuous conversation. Do you know how hard it is to converse for 3 minutes while I wait for a sandwich? Over the weeks, I know she likes to talk about the weather, she has a daughter who is in theatre, and she’s extremely cautious with Covid. You just can’t go a year and a half though, and not know the person’s name. I’d almost rather go not addressing her like I’ve been, than be wrong guessing her name. The good news is that they open at 7am, and I’ve been waking up a bit earlier, so I haven’t been shopping there as much. I’m not sure why more breakfast spots don’t open up earlier than 7.