Yesterday was a nice cash for me in the $27 Blind Side. There were 4,319 entries and I got 3rd. This was good for $2,500. This is a single entry tournament which I prefer more than the ones where people put 150 lineups in. Here was the team:

Josh Jacobs Wins the Cash!

This boiled down to can I beat the other 86 people who played Josh Jacobs. I didn’t want to look while the game was going on because I knew the team was in good shape after Wilson and Jones went HAM. I was rooting heavily for Mahomes, Jacobs, and DHop, but Mahomes couldn’t throw a TD pass for the life of him. Fortunately Jacobs ran 85 yards for a TD to seal the game and jump me from 5th to 3rd and picked me up an extra K. I could have made another 2.5k if I scored .36 more points. Dulcich has a TD pass called back FFS.

How did I put this team together? I wish I could say it was me. I use Fantasy Labs and this was an optimized lineup after I started with Mahomes and Jacobs (my top rated QB & their top rated RB). I like Garret Wilson a lot so that wasn’t as far out, but there is no way I would play Zay Jones without that optimizer. Fortunately for me, this is the line up that it spit out and I entered it earlier in the week and didn’t change it. That’s it. I didn’t do shit.

I’ve been losing bets left and right so it’s nice to have a hit every once in a while. I’m sure I’ll lose the money back, but for the time, I can pat myself on the back for getting lucky. I’ve wrote this before but I don’t care about the money as much as it gives me more opportunity to try to be right. I care more about being right than the cash. Go figure.