DID YOU KNOW: That you can listen to Spotify podcasts at faster speeds?!

This is like the post I wrote about putting a period before you @ someone on Twitter and everyone said “dude you’re like six years late to the party“.

For the last week I’ve been listening to all my podcasts at 1.2 – 1.5 speed (I can’t handle 1.5 in the morning). Over a given week I consume about 12 hours of podcasts. Now that 12 is going to be like 9. Three hours of EXTRA content consumption!

So what’s going to fill that time? I don’t know. Maybe instead of listening to something, I’ll record my own podcast like I was saying last week!

Part of me feels bad. Like I’m not listening to the shows how they were intended. Or classic millennial, just trying to rush through things. But I can’t see why not.

Maybe we’ll get to the point in humanity where you listen to things at like 100x speed. Just a whole podcast in a quarter of a second.