Confrontation leads to good posting. I received a troll comment below.

China’s annual inflation rate was at 2.1% in May 2022. Granted they don’t let their people leave their homes, but I’m guessing they are fiscally responsible and we owe them a trillion. Fiscal irresponsibility is my belief on why inflation is as high as it is.

To the second part of the comment, I will bet you $100 at your 10-1 odds that Joe Biden doesn’t make it through his term. You’re lucky I don’t put $1,000 on it but I don’t think I’d get paid by you if I won. Nice to see you offer 10-1 odds when professional sites have it at +185. Consider this handshake as you were the one who offered.

The last part of the comment doesn’t dignify a response. If you know me, you can make your own opinion. If you’re like the commenter and reaching at straws, so be it.

Attack of the Trolls

I understand it’s never smart to respond to trolls. No good comes out of it but it’s important to see the disdain by the commenter for my type of person which is a capitalistic, Republican. He wants equality for all and I thrive on the inequality of life. To argue that the inequality is not there is bringing the entire population to the lowest level of individual. This is not my mentality. My belief system is exhibited by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged.

These type of people are not in it for the best interest of the country (and you’re seeing it currently). They are idealists who live in fantasy land who, believe it or not, don’t like America. They want to see hard working people fail because the system is rigged against them. This is a fundamental difference between the commenter and myself. I’m not jealous of other people. I know what makes me feel good about myself and my internal belief system makes me want to continuously improve my situation by working hard. This bothers people who don’t share this methodology. The people who join r/ antiwork. These people want to see people who succeed crash because it’s easier for them to complain about how unfair it is. Eventually though, once the noise goes away, and the methodology of hard work equals success is instilled, America may reach the level where it once was.