I tried to enter the PHIL Conference call at 4:25pm through Zoom to learn that I was blocked from the call because there was a max of 100 people. Great. Here was the back and forth Gourlay and I had pre meeting and trying to get into the call.

About 15 minutes late, a user started live streaming the meeting on Twitch where 550 people were able to watch the ol’ Sensei Henry. His English was 1/100 and his evasiveness was 100/100. He filibustered on how it was very challenging operating in Covid times and he had to fly into Cambodia, quarantine, and then get to Vietnam for work. I’m fairly certain neither Gourlay or I have any idea what this company actually does, and by the sounds of it, neither does Henry. A few highlights from the call:

  • His answer to how the company makes revenue was “behind the scenes arrangements.”
  • PHIL is involved in some crypto currency called Gildex which he also couldn’t share any info on.
  • You need a new paradigm within a Covid environment.
  • The Buyback program is not quite ready, check back.
  • PHIL currently has no investor relations, the reason for only allowing 100 people.
  • The 10k will be filed. He would be impatient if he were us as well.

I was hopeful Henry’s inspiring words would buoy the stock but it was not meant to be. Full disclosure, I own 500,000 shares of PHIL. This is not meant to say it’s a great company, but when you buy it at .007. And .005. You kind of have to buy more at .0025. If nothing else, it’s good blog content. Who is joining Gourlay and I on the PHIL ride?