I go through political phases, I try not to clutter the blog with useless observations. Only my golf handicap is important.

To follow up on my last post, here is a clip of a dude making what appears to be a valid point of rushing $40 Billion dollars through our Government to support Ukraine. If they got it at 3pm yesterday, when are they voting on it? If it’s today, it seems irresponsible. The house supported it as you can tell from the feature image.

Am I qualified to comment on $40 billion dollars? To me it seems like a lot of money. To a country that is going into a tailspin financially, perhaps this is a drop in the ocean. Asking questions like who pays for this isn’t important to those in charge. I know Biden’s answer is tax cuts to most and tax the ultra wealthy.

Handing out money to Ukraine is like putting millions of dollars of rockets in the hands of TailsPSU. Who is responsible for how that money is spent? Do I think a Republican candidate would handle this situation any better? I have no clue but I know if you have to push $40 billion dollars through hoping that no one knows what it’s for, you’re not a party I trust. If you don’t feel that way too, then it’s no surprise this is why we are a super power in decline.