The verdict of the Juicy Smooyay case came back with him being a liar. He staged the “hate crime” against him.

To give you an idea of where the impetus to jump on this story comes from, here’s Smollet version:

He said that his assailant had used the phrase coined by Donald Trump, Make America Great Again, Maga, as he laid into the actor. “I turned around and I see the attacker masked and he said: ‘This Maga country [bleep]’ and punched me right in the face so I punched his ass right back. We started tussling and it was very icy, we ended up tussling by the stairs, fighting, fighting, fighting.”

The Tweets

Here was what higher ups had to say when the incident occurred before they knew it was set up by him

What should be the punishment for this type of behavior from our leaders being played? I already know the answer. NOTHING. In this day an age, reacting impulsively to news without any repercussion is what people do. If it fits their agenda, it must be true. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are deceptive. I’ve been deceived tons of times by web pages and news to the point that it’s better not to comment on any type of news unless you’re damn sure you understand the truth. When I write that my #1 priority is to be honest, clearly Juicy doesn’t doesn’t feel the same way. He not only looks like a fool, but he made all the people who supported him look like a fool. Chapelle wasn’t fooled. “That sounds like something I’d say!”

Also if you follow CNN, you can’t read these headlines and not realize they take you for a fool. They treat their readers like children. They don’t want the viewership to have feelings that don’t agree with their stance. This is what happens when your support system is built on toothpicks.

How can a black, gay man be wrong by CNN’s worldview? Guilty on 5 counts maybe?

My final point here to not look like an idiot is that if you’re reading this from someone who is so far away from this incident that I’m commenting on it the same exact way the tweets are. This post can make me look like a complete idiot if new evidence pops up and he’s found exonerated. Not bloody likely but you get my point. As the world turns.