The creation of a prosperous society is built on the backs of laborers and minds of elites. Money is only a social construct to divvy up your value. The Earth produces resources, humans use these resources to survive and advance, and they need to govern themselves in the meantime so Piggy doesn’t get his glasses broken.

If you’re not valuable to society by working to help it advance, you do not deserve the same privileges others receive. When you don’t work, yet still want the privileges, you look to steal or claim victimhood, and then disrupt the harmony of society. When this is supported by the government, you have a problem. In the past, the USA has been one of the leaders of the free world because it dominated hard work, freedoms, optimism, and a better life…until now.

The USA is failing. I’m not an economist, but I know that 34 trillion in debt AND GROWING is a failure. It’s increased 7 trillion since 2020. Giving out free money due to a scamdemic, while telling the population not to work for their “safety”, was a failure of leadership. It created a future society with the highest prices for goods, lowest savings/highest debt, and the worst housing market in decades. It’s a failure on all economic fronts.

Immigration is another loser and here’s a post from Texas Governor Greg Abbott affecting my city.

I’ll revert back to the first paragraph of my post and ask how are these 50K+ people going to find jobs to help our prosperous society? Or is the plan to take millions of tax payers money to fund their lifestyles while they get on their feet? This hardly even asks if these migrants are respectable citizens or criminals but that’s another story. If you voted for this how are you happy? AND people will vote for this party AGAIN!!!! It’s incredible.

When the most liberal companies control the media and content, why are people so willing to accept their viewpoints? Sam texted me about an Escape Room and I got an ad in Facebook 2 minutes later. Now aside from voice, the text in an SMS points to the app, and delivers an ad. This is silicon valley at its finest. These are not utopian providers, these are apex predators that are brainwashing their prey. Apple. Google. Disney. Microsoft. Netflix.

To close on the Universities and what they are teaching the upcoming generation and we are totally fucked. I know every older generation says that about the younger generation, but where is the work ethic? You get into the best colleges now because you’re a minority and not how smart you are. All I hear about is pronouns, equality, and diversity. Where’s the hands dirty, never say die, bad ass mentality that they can achieve anything? They’re confused with racism, safe spaces, and gender ideals instead of traits that the rest of the world understands. Ask China how many genders there are? They don’t give a shit because they’re doing math problems until their fingers hurt.

I didn’t even comment on giving money to international wars instead of keeping our cities healthy, but that’s another topic. It’s not over for America, but the leaders and corporate bias needs to shift. Move away from dopey and strive for excellence.

I ask myself why I need to write posts like this and it’s because I’m a dinosaur creator. I can’t make a podcast or use Tik Tok. I could bottle up every thought and move on, but I’m a guy who gets shit done. What’s instilled in me is accurate in my eyes, and when this blog gets buried, at least some people will know what I stand for. I want to see America succeed.