First Neil Young and now the r/antiwork subreddit.


When I first heard about the r/antiwork sub-reddit a few weeks ago, I thought it can’t be good to promote trying to get by doing as little as possible because it doesn’t jive with my inherent life principals. I reviewed the board further and it’s people telling you to take 20 minutes shits or that there is nothing worse than a “co-worker who works through breaks”. The board’s main function is complaining about capitalism.

The main gripe in r/antiwork is corporations pay their employees much less than they are worth. This in turn pushes them to boards like this where they congregate to discuss how they can “antiwork”. The group had a bomb dropped on them last night when Doreen, a transgender female and moderator of the sub-reddit, shows the flip side of this argument which is a genuinely lazy person who wants to get through life doing as little as possible. It is also uncovered that this mod has admitted to multiple sexual assaults. The board in turn has felt ridicule from this interview.

Next Step

After being humiliated on national TV, and the public wondering how a board this stupid could exist, the board is in turmoil. Their credibility has been tarnished. It’s important to distinguish between the two types of people among the board which are the lazy (see video) and the employees taken advantage of. To feel taken advantage of you must earn less than you’re worth. To argue that everyone should earn the same living wage is ludicrous when you consider someone at McDonald’s shouldn’t be worth the same as someone developing the vaccine. Once you accept that people are paid based on their worth to society, you might consider what your life path has been rather than complain about it. If you choose history as your profession, you should know being an expert about the past doesn’t pay as much as being an expert of the future. If you learn to be a developer of Web3 in 2022, you might be paid handsomely. But I’m supposed to pursue my passion! Fair enough, you just might not get paid for it. If you don’t have the skills to be paid more, I’d suggest you spend some time getting them instead of posting on the Reddit board. Easy for me to say! White privilege! Not everyone agrees with capitalism but it built one of the strongest countries in the entire world and ALL the people are more privileged than 90% of the rest of the world.