I’ve lost about $1,500 in my Fanduel career. Not bad. I opened this window initially to absolute SHRED Fanduel, but there’s a happy ending to this story.

Things hit a tipping point between me and Fanduel when I bet $50 on a hand of blackjack on Thanksgiving (was having a bad day so I was desperate). I was dealt a 10 against a dealer 5. With only $40 left in the account (don’t ask why I was betting $50 hands at this point…), I hit double down. INSTANTLY I was met with this screen:

I was annoyed because a 10 against a 5 is obviously advantageous, but my outrage really grew when I saw that they took the $50 bet from me! Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. I’m here donating bet after bet to these guys cause I’m drunk and full of turkey on Thanksgiving and when I’m actually dealt a good hand, they glitch out and STEAL, emphasize STEAL, my money.

I INSTANTLY screenshotted (props to me) and submitted a ticket to Fanduel support. “We’re super busy with all the dotards who are making claims just like you that it may take us a while to get back to you”. Fine.

Two weeks later they email me “Sorry for the delay. Due to the inconvenience we’ve given you a $10 free bet token! If your problem hasn’t been resolved yet, reply to this email”. Bro, are you serious? You’re giving me $10 to lose in your already rigged game and you think that’s justice?

Fanduel to me

I INSTANTLY created another support ticket (which they specifically request I don’t do (“submitting another ticket may make your request take longer to resolve“)). Not only did I harp on the injustice, but also the fact that I have a track record as a losing gambler. If you don’t give me back this $50, I’m taking my annual -$1,000 to people who actually care about me.

I got the same automated email and with $0.46 in my account, figured my days with Fanduel were done. That was… until… I went to write this freakin’ post.

I logged back into Fanduel for the first time in two weeks and what do you know, there’s $50.46 in the account! No email, no sorry, no nothing, they just put the money in my account.

Not only that, but I insta-bet the Bills getting ONE HUNDRED AND SIX (106) POINTS, $50 to win $45.45. So my complaining not only got me the $50 back, but it came just in time to turn it into an automatic $95!

This is the problem with the world. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. There’s probably some cuck who lost money on blackjack the same way I did and didn’t submit at ticket. They’re getting nothing and I’m getting an instant $100.

When in doubt, complain. Submit support tickets. Call and ask to speak the manager, then ask to speak to their manager. Whatever you have to do. It always pays to be a pain in the ass.