My friend Sam L. is getting married and his bachelor party was in AC this weekend. The night started off great when we pooled $180 together to bet on the Sixers/Over parlay which hit with a barrage of 3’s towards the end. This gave us $500 which we told Sam to put on a roulette spin. Sam learned from Wesley Snipes which is…

And it lost. Ho hum. Life goes on and we played some blackjack as a group, and I hit some absurd slot machine for $170 that Adam cashed out to end the night, and I got the # of some working girls. Sam has become the most responsible of the group and at the actual end of the night we were playing a poker cash game and I couldn’t remember which chip color went with each chip denomination. Don’t you miss that, Sam?

I can’t go over every detail because I frankly don’t remember every detail. A quick rundown: we went to the Top Golf simulator at Ocean, I consecutively won and lost a $200 roulette spin, we shot the shit smokin’ stogies, playing pong and poker, and had a bomb ass steak dinner at the Golden Nugget. I remember ordering 2 bottles of Malbec wine for the table (were they $50 or 500 dollars?), that I’d guess no one wanted. My bad. That was about lights out for me. I remember some black jack but I couldn’t tell you who won. When I woke up the next day I wanted to get out of there before I was reminded of any details or the hangover hit. Thanks for the fun trip Sam and I’m looking forward to the wedding! I’d guess Sam has a picture he can send me that I can add to the blog. Here was the steakhouse.

That was the weekend, but the weekend doesn’t end until Sunday, and I hit my longest odds ever on a golf bet. I’ve bet on Sepp Straka 18 times in my golf picking career and he came through this weekend at 140-1…I had 12 bucks on it. This was a terrific hit and I cashed out a few dollars after hitting a few hundred more in DK blackjack. So that gives me a nice roll moving into the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. Can I hit 3 in a row? When you’re hot, you’re hot. Passing note, I rolled 10 straight strikes in league play on Wednesday and finished with a 288. The 300 is coming. Stay hot!