Well he does now.

A Summary of What Happened

“SBF stole billions, that’s already a crime, and he spent a lot of it on bribing politicians, also a crime, in order to create a crypto monopoly for himself.”

Listen to the Technical Expertise

And for That Reason, I’m In.

It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory, It’s Fraud


Lock Him Up

Is the internet wrong here? I was able to make this post in about an hour. It seems clear to me a scammer in crypto stole billions of dollars from peasants, gave the money to his GF at some hack hedge fund, and her dad is the former boss of the head of the SEC. What a disaster. How do we trust these people as common folk? Is the problem SBF or the government at this point? The government couldn’t be any closer to this as the daughter is on film giving an interview looking dopey and her dad is the head of economics at MIT. And the funny thing? People don’t even care. It’s like these types of deals are supposed to happen in the crypto world. Let’s see if SBF gets put in jail where he belongs. I doubt it.