An important aspect of a creative Tik Tok account is having a theme. An integral message that you can constantly rely on as a backbone to the account. This gives the viewer an expectation from the channel. Some gravitating reason to why you like it and want to re-watch it. Essentially, you know what you’re getting.

Diligent Female Office Staff – We know woman work hard at the office. This is all you hear from the Equal Pay warriors out there. Women are smarter, clearer in communication, less confrontational, and display a higher level attention to detail than their male counter parts.

These office Tik Tok accounts nowadays have this crazy, coincidental theme where all the girls have huge BREASTS and keep bending over to pick up pens! She already has 2 pens!

All these accounts want to show is how efficient and tireless their office staff are!?!?! A woman in the workplace office account is enthralling and empowering. Presentations. Board Meetings. Financial Reports. This all seems to go to the wayside when the camera man keeps dropping pens on the ground. It almost seemed to me like these girls were doing it on purpose!

Demented 91 Year Old – There is a channel out there where there is this running bit that a 91 year old has short term memory. He wakes up every morning and asks, “who are you?” “where am I?” His son has to tell him he’s 91 and that he lives in Sacramento. The old timer even asks where his car is and they need to tell him he doesn’t drive anymore because they sold his car. This guy is a great actor. They keep saying he is demented, but I’m pretty sure he’s pulling a fast one on his offspring. Get this guy an Oscar!

Annoying Reporter Bobbi Althoff – This girl tries to be awkward and make the interview uncomfortable. It’s almost like the interviewee is in on the joke. Nothing about her is funny and the schtick is that it’s not a schtick, when it’s totally a schtick. What’s even crazier is that people think it’s funny! It’s a poor man’s Between Two Ferns except with worse guests and the poor man is not just homeless, but also shitting himself. Her rise to stardom with her awkwardness is not sustainable and I hope that the people are as exhausted with it as I am. Unfortunately I haven’t actually watched any of her interviews, so I’m only guessing.